Theme Dance are based on Children's Parties/ Dance Clubs/ Dance Weeks and Workshop Days.

Theme Dance Parties are great fun for children aged 3-11.

YOU choose the theme for your party and I will come along and teach you a dance routine to the theme you choose.

PLUS we will make a prop that will be used in your final performance to parents and friends at the end of the party.

I teach in various schools after school dance clubs, where we work towards a final performance at the end of term to show parents. The children I teach share the same enthusiasm as I have towards dance, so we all have a lot of fun!!

Theme Dance also hold Workshop days and Weeks in the holidays, these include Choreographers teaching routines and making craft to go with the dances then at the end a BIG performance is put on for parents, friends and family to come and watch!

Theme Dance is loved by Children and Praised by adults - we like to take away the stress and hassle for parents so they can sit back and let us take over for them. We hope they can enjoy as much as the children!


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